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Hydraulic & Electrical Systems

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Our training provides details on CSA and ANSI standards that allows student to easily understand the standard and why these rules are put in place for those involved.
Our training takes technicians from the basics of hydraulic and electrical systems right to the advanced troubleshooting techniques needed in todays fleets to provide quick realible troubleshooting. 
Our training gives manufacterer approved, unit specific operation with hands on instruction starting with stability through to compentancy of operation.

Utility Training Group

Training is our core business, not a secondary value added service. That means we are completely focused on the continuous improvement of our programs, materials and services. We stay on top of all aspects of the Utility industry from developments in equipment to instructional techniques to government regulations and industry standards. If there is something new coming that affects any part of the Utility equipment training world, we will keep you updated and informed.
We bring training to your site, saving you time and money. Importantly, we customize the program to meet your needs. 

Our Mission

Helping companies minimize risks through training of repair technicians and operators on proper inspection, diagnosis, repair procedure, operation, and safety of equipment under their control. We aslo help companies with inspection schedules and managing their preventitive maintainence to maintain a safe, reliable and efficient Utility Fleet.


Make The Fleet Department Work For You 


Our wealth of experience allows us to offer consultation and training on a complete line of fleet management techniques, Integration and set up of technologies such as telematics, garage management systems, Bluetooth enabled tracking devices and software. Our goal, is to help Customers integrate technologies to create maximum department effiency with the ability of average Technician to use with ease and comfort. What every your need we have a solution that can be cutomized to you.